Cojollo Laptop Cleaning Products Receive Rave Reviews

November 09, 2015 Cojollo LLC, a business operating from New Windsor,

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November 09, 2015 Cojollo LLC, a business operating from New Windsor, NY, are proud to announce that their various laptop cleaning products and their excellent customer service have been receiving rave reviews. This has led to a marked increase in sales, particularly for their new product, which is the third in their portfolio. The product, a computer screen cleaner, can be seen at “When we launched as a company, our goal was to always offer exceptional customer service for any order,” says Laura Fannell from Cojollo LLC. “It has been wonderful to receive feedback from our customers to show that we are achieving that goal. In fact, it is thanks to their feedback that we have been able to rapidly develop and launch our third product on the market, so we really want to thank them for their ongoing support.” The new computer screen cleaner is a full kit that comes with everything a customer could possibly need. This includes a spray bottle, microfiber cloth and cleaning brush. It is suitable for all laptops, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Galaxy phone, tablets, screen monitors, all smartphone screens, HD TVs, smart TVs, personal computers, 3D screens, LCD monitors, LED screens, GPS devices, Xbox, and keyboards. Designed to be gentle yet powerful, people can use this on all their electronic devices without any risk of moisture entering the circuits. Since its original release, the product and the associated customer service have been very well received. “I got this for my plasma television and my iPhone,” says B. Bolin. “This cleaner is great. No more icky mess on my TV screen. My children always leave a mess on the TV screen. After using this cleaner on my television, the screen and picture looked just as sharp and clear as the first day I unboxed it. Amazing. For my iPhone it did the same thing. All fingerprints and smudges are gone. This product is easy to use and it works. No leaks in the spray bottle either. Get this one, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for a great product.” The company is also committed to resolving any issues their customers may have with their products