Cojollo Kit Makes Cleaning Flat Screen TV An Easy Task

Cojollo LLC, which is a company based in New Windsor, NY,

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Cojollo LLC, which is a company based in New Windsor, NY, has released a computer screen cleaning kit, designed to help keep devices clean for a longer time. While designed for computer screens, the company now wants to draw attention to the fact that it is highly multifunctional and can also be used for other things, including cleaning a flat screen TV. The company explained that the flat screen TV will usually require frequent cleaning in dusty homes but the kit can make the task easy. The kit is available through

Laura Fannell, spokesperson for Cojollo LLC, says: “While our product has been designed specifically for computer screens, it doesn’t mean that it can only be used for that. We use so many screens all around us nowadays, and all of them attract dust. The flat screen TV is perhaps the best example of this. We’re happy to point out that our cleaning kit can also be used on those types of screens.”

The kit sets itself apart by including everything that is needed to properly clean a device. It comes with a soft bristle brush, which can be used to wipe any existing dust from the surface. People should then spray the cleaning fluid on the microfiber cloth on one side. It is not advisable to spray onto the screen directly. They should then use the cloth to wipe down the screen. After doing so, they can turn the cloth over and wipe away any residue.

The cleaning kit has received consistent positive reviews. People have commented on the high quality of the spray, and also on the fact that it comes with everything that is needed. Additionally, they mention how beneficial it is to be able to use the spray on multiple devices.

“We have designed our spray to not just clean device screens, but to keep them clean as well,” adds Laura Fannell. “The dust repellent properties in the spray mean that televisions, computers, and other devices stay clean and looking like new for longer. No more glaring television screens, in other words.”