Cojollo Computer Screen Cleaning Product Now Back In Stock

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A gadget and computer business in New Windsor, NY, Cojollo LLC, which are known mainly for their popular screen cleaning kit, have announced that the product is now back on stock. Since its initial launch, the product has proven to be so popular that it completely sold out. The company is now happy to announce that they have replenished their stock and that the kit is now available again. The product is available through

“When we initially introduced our product, we had anticipated a certain level of sales and created an inventory according to that estimate,” says Cojollo LLC’s Laura Fannell. “While we were quite generous in our estimate, the reality is that we got it completely wrong. We could not have guessed that it would sell as well as it had. We want to apologize to any customer who lost out because we ran out of stock, and now that we have replenished we are confident that it will not happen again.”

The computer screen cleaning kit comes with everything needed to keep a screen clean. It includes a soft fiber brush, which can be used to brush off dust from the screen first. It also includes a spray and a microfiber cloth. The spray should be applied to one side of the cloth (not to the screen device) and then used to clean the screen. After that, people can turn the cloth over to wipe away any residue.

The product has received consistent positive reviews. People have commented on how useful it is, and how it is one of the only products out there that includes everything that is needed to clean a screen. Additionally, people have stated that it works very well, which is the most important thing.

“The spray has been designed not just to remove dust, but to repel it as well,” adds Laura Fannell. “This means that the spray bottle can last for months at a time, as you don’t have to use it all that often.”

While the kit has been designed to clean computer screens, it can also be used on other products, including the Amazon Echo speaker.