Cojollo Cleaning Spray Can Be Used On Amazon Echo Speaker With Alexa Voice Service

New Windsor, NY gadget business Cojollo LLC has recently released their

Alexa Echo

New Windsor, NY gadget business Cojollo LLC has recently released their digital screen cleaning kit. While the product has been designed, as the name suggests, for cleaning computer screens, the company wants to point out that the product can also be used for other things. For example, it can also be used to clean the Amazon Echo speaker with Alexa Voice Service. The Amazon Echo is available through

Cojollo LLC’s Laura Fannell says: “A lot of people have asked me whether our digital screen cleaning kit can be used on the Amazon Echo, and I’m happy to say that it can. The soft bristle brush can sweep any dust away, after which you can simply spray the soft cloth to wipe the unit.”

The screen cleaning spray comes with everything required for a proper cleaner. The soft bristle brush can be used to remove initial dust, after which the spray can be put on the cloth (not directly onto the device) for further cleaning. By turning the cloth over, people can then clean off any fluid residue.

The Amazon Echo, meanwhile, is a popular device that allows people to play their favorite online music channels through voice commands. It comes with tremendous sound, something that many users have commented on. The voice control feature, however, is what people find most beneficial, as it works even from a distance. Not only can the Echo play music, it can also read audio books, answer questions, read the news, and more through the Alexa Voice Service. Additionally, as a smart device, it is also able to hook up to other smart home products, including the Nest, Insteon, Wink, SMartThings, Hue, and WeMo. Lastly, the Echo is regularly updated with new features.

The cleaning spray, which is available through, is a multifunctional spray. People have regularly commented on its high quality, as well as on its efficiency. The fact that it can be used on the Amazon Echo is an added bonus.

“People who own the Amazon Echo should consider purchasing our screen cleaning kit as well,” adds Laura Fannell.